The Marketing-Kindness Connection

Girl holding out a flower

“How we show up in the world and how we treat others matters”—in life and in marketing.

Leon Logothetis reminded attendees of this during his keynote at Energize Growth’s CLIC 2017. Logothetis is the star of the acclaimed Netflix series “The Kindness Diaries,” author of the book of the same name, and a global adventurer and philanthropist.

Everyone knows what it’s like to be alone, he said. The most profound thing we can do is to be kind by making other people feel less alone. The way to do that is by seeing someone; by seeing another human being.

ll book“You have the power to change the world,” Logothetis said. “I say that because to change the world, all you have to do is change one life.” Most people, especially marketers, have the opportunity to impact many people. They impact friends, family, coworkers. Marketers have the potential to impact the lives of millions of people through their messaging and communications.

You get to choose whether you want to be kind or not, he said. You get to choose how you show up; how you inspire others. And if you inspire someone through kindness, Logothetis said, you change lives.

There is, of course, no perfect. But if you make a commitment to kindness, lives will be changed, Logothetis said. If you fall off the kindness wagon, just get back on it.

Lisa and Leon
Lisa Nirell, founder of EnergizeGrowth and CLIC 2017 conference host, with Leon Logothetis

One surprising place kindness can impact marketing: innovation. “The reality is, kindness is one of the most cutting-edge innovations available today,” he said. Yes, go and make money, he added. Make as much as you want, but change lives, too.

Logothetis’ advice to marketers: “Next time you’re creating a campaign, ask yourself, ‘Will it help more than the bottom line? Will it help the hearts and minds of the people who will see it?’”

View a video interview with Logothetis for more advice on how marketers can use kindness to spur innovation.